28 Mart 2017 Salı

Chris Hemsworth

What's Chris Hemsworth like in real life?
He's very tall (1,90 metres), strong and good-looking. Chris has got fair hair and blue eyes. He's sometimes got a beard and a moustache.

He's Australian, right? But where exactly did he grow up?
In Melbourne at first, then his family moved to the north and then to a place near Melbourne again.

Did he study to become an actor?
Yes, he studied at a school for actors in Sydney, Australia.

When did he really "make it big"?
He became well known in an Australian TV series, but he's best known for his roles in the films Thor and Snow White                                                                            and the Huntsman.

Was there any other key moments in his career?
He won Teen Choice awards for several films.

What about his personal life?
He got married to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2010 and they've got three children.

Do we know anything about his hobbies or interests?
Apparently he likes surfing and films.

21 Mart 2017 Salı

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova's full name is Maria Yuryevna Sharapova and she is a professional tennis player from Russia. She was born on 19th April 1987 in Nyagan and she lives Florida.

Sharapova first played tennis when she was seven and at the age of fourteen she started her professional tennis career. In her first tournament she won 25 tennis matches and she lost 3 matches.

Sharapova was third youngest tennis shampion in 2004. Her career record is 542-142. She also won silver medal at the Olimpics in 2012. She's one of the most succesful tennis player in the history of tennis.

9 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Rahmi M. Koc Museum

Rahmi Koc Museum opened at 1994. It's near the Golden Horn. The Rahmi Koc Museum is the first major museum in Turkey.

I went to Rahmi Koc Museum with my school two days ago. We saw old cars, old ships, toys and many interesting things.

There are three main sections. The museum in 27 thousand square meters of area.

A planetarium is in the museum. Planetariums are systems designed for teaching about astronomy.

 Absolutely must visit.

Montgolfier Brothers

The Montgolfier brothers -Joseph (1740 - 1810) and Etienne (1745 - 1799)- are famous French flyers. Many people know their names today because of their flight of a hot-air balloon in front of lots of people in the town of Annonay on 4 June 1783 - a first in the history of flying. These days you can visit the Science Museum in London and see a model of one of their balloons.

2 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Senem's Easy Menu Blog

Hi. Here are my new ideas for a tasty menu.

First, I've got some snacks. I love fruits.

After that, I've got patatoes with cream for the starter (an idea from my mother).

Next is the main course. Today it's chicken. I love making these. They taste great.

Finally, my favourite, dessert! There're strawberries and bananas with whipped cream. I like this because there aren't many ingredients and it's easy to make. Just cut some fruits and mix with whipped cream. Mmm! Delicious!

Enjoy your meal! And join me next month for another easy menu.

27 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

Morgana le Fay

Morgana le Fay is an enchantress and you can read many interesting old stories about her. She's from Cornwall in the west of Britain, and she's the daughter of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall and his wife, Lady Igraine. Morgana has two sister - Elaine and Morgause, and she has a brother, too. His name is Arthur, and later, he's the king of Britain.

Morgana has the power to make ill people well again. She can make magic potions, change into different animals and fly quickly through the sky.

Morgana's friend is Guingamar. He is the King of the Island of Apples. People sometimes call this magic island 'Avalon'.

Morgana is the enemy of the magician Merlin. For many years, she is angry with her half-brother, Arthur, and he is her enemy, too.

But in the end, Morgana helps Arthur when he is dying. She takes him in a magic boat to the Island of Apples. Arthur stays on the island. One day, he must come back, and be the king of his country again.


Merlin is a famous magician, and there are many wonderful stories about him. He comes from Wales, and he is the only child of Princess Adhan and Prince Meurig.

Merlin has got many magic powers. He can change into different animals, look into the future, see through walls, and change the weather.

When Merlin is older, he is good friend to King Arthur and to all the men of the Round Table. He helps Arthur to fight his enemies, and to be a good king.

His enemy is the enchantress Morgana le Fay. At first, he loves her and he teaches her magic. But soon she uses bad magic on him, and he is very angry with her.

At the end of Merlin's long story, he doesn't die. He goes to sleep in a magic cave. One day, he must wake from his sleep, and help his country again.