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Merlin is a famous magician, and there are many wonderful stories about him. He comes from Wales, and he is the only child of Princess Adhan and Prince Meurig.

Merlin has got many magic powers. He can change into different animals, look into the future, see through walls, and change the weather.

When Merlin is older, he is good friend to King Arthur and to all the men of the Round Table. He helps Arthur to fight his enemies, and to be a good king.

His enemy is the enchantress Morgana le Fay. At first, he loves her and he teaches her magic. But soon she uses bad magic on him, and he is very angry with her.

At the end of Merlin's long story, he doesn't die. He goes to sleep in a magic cave. One day, he must wake from his sleep, and help his country again.

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