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Morgana le Fay

Morgana le Fay is an enchantress and you can read many interesting old stories about her. She's from Cornwall in the west of Britain, and she's the daughter of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall and his wife, Lady Igraine. Morgana has two sister - Elaine and Morgause, and she has a brother, too. His name is Arthur, and later, he's the king of Britain.

Morgana has the power to make ill people well again. She can make magic potions, change into different animals and fly quickly through the sky.

Morgana's friend is Guingamar. He is the King of the Island of Apples. People sometimes call this magic island 'Avalon'.

Morgana is the enemy of the magician Merlin. For many years, she is angry with her half-brother, Arthur, and he is her enemy, too.

But in the end, Morgana helps Arthur when he is dying. She takes him in a magic boat to the Island of Apples. Arthur stays on the island. One day, he must come back, and be the king of his country again.

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